Learn How to Calibrate Laptop Battery

Calibrate Laptop Battery

Ever wondered, why is your Laptop eating out its battery so quickly? Well with the time battery start to performing poorly it may be due to excessive use, yes excessive use. Here you will learn how to calibrate Laptop Battery for better performance.

3 Proven Ways to Improve CTR on SERP

Improve CTR on SERP

Unarguably, higher rankings on google search results lead to the increased probability of having a page clicked by the user. That’s why every folk seem to be hungering for higher ranking. The Click-through Rate (CTR) is responsible for billion dollar online business.

VISA-friendly Countries for Indians

Visa Friendly Countries For Indians

When It comes to foreign travel the first thing that horrify Indians is, VISA. As Indian Passport is not very travel friendly and most of time it kills the dreams with a simple VISA rejection seal but there are some visa friendly countries for Indians. As per latest passport index released by Henley & Partners Indian Passport ranked at 85 position and it gives visa free and visa-on-arrival access to 60 countries and territories on the earth.

How-to Boost Android Smartphone Performance?

Boost Android Performance

Android already have grabbed more than 85% market share by being choice of 1.4 billion people worldwide. But there is a problem with almost every android phone with the uses it becomes lazy.

HTML Heading Tags Structure: Learn use of H1, H2, H3 Heading Tags

HTML Heading Tags

HTML Heading Tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 are used to define the headers in any html page. WordPress has also implemented it on its Post Editor, to make an easy use of heading tags. It also plays a significant role in On-page SEO.  Google has stated that HTML Headings Tags are important and they uses it as a signal to rank pages.

Learn SEO Techniques: Beginner’s SEO Guide

SEO Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is very basic thing you need to learn while starting your career as Internet Marketer. Understanding SEO algorithm is very complicated though it seem to be simple. This guide will help you learn seo techniques and optimize your website for better ranking on search engines.

How-to Recover Saved Passwords In Web Browser

Recover Forgotten Password

This can happen with anyone, when you are feeling that you have forgotten your Login Password, Well there’s an easy way to recover your password using your registered email or mobile phone. But there is still another more easy and interesting way exists if you have saved passwords in web browser.

10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Indian Subcontinent

Breath Taking Waterfalls

India is graced with the real scenic beauty by mother nature. You can see many breath-taking attractions in the indian continents. Although, there are hundreds of beautiful waterfalls in India but here we going to explore 10 most awesome waterfalls of the india, that will surely take your breath away.

The Best Blogging Platform for Newbies

Best Blogging Platform

When it comes to best blogging platform; there are lots of platforms to start with, some are free some are paid. Both can be good for you, depending upon your motive behind blogging. If you are taking blogging as your career then you need to opt for a fully functional blogging platform for your blog.

Blogging – The New Way To Make You A Living


Unless you are covered with the rock shell, you may have heard the term ‘Blogging’ in the last decade. Blogging has been proved as the new way to make you a living. Millions of people are publishing their blogs; some for fame, some for money, and some others for nothing. Well, I’m skipping the first and last category and interested in letting you know, how people around the globe buying their bread and butter with the help of their blogging skills.

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